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15 April 2010

Vocabulary: The Verb "Make"

Be careful when using the verb “MAKE.” There are many expressions beginning with the word “make” so unnecessary or excessive use of this word may cause some confusion. Use 'make' when the doer (person) is actually constructing or creating something. Do not use it for activities.

1. I made coffee for everyone. [What did he make? Answer: coffee]
2. He made his teacher a necklace. [What did he make? Answer: a necklace]
3. Did you make that cabinet by yourself? [What object did he make? Answer: cabinet]

1. Make an offer (offer)
Example: I will make you an offer that you cannot refuse. Did Rob make an offer to you?

2. Make an exception (give an exception)
Example: You are late in submitting your essay. I will fail you. I cannot make an exception because your other classmates will complain.

3. Make a mistake (commit mistake)
Examples: I made so many mistakes in my essay test.
Why did they fire him? Did he make a serious mistake?

4. Make peace (become friends again) / Make war (start a war)
Examples: Different countries should try to make peace and not make war.
I made peace with Rob because I do not want to have enemies.

5. Make love (have sex)
Example: You should make love to your spouse.

6. Make money / a profit (earn money)
Examples: I want to make so much money so I can help the needy.
Did the company make a profit this year?

7. Make a phone call (call someone by telephone)
Example: Excuse me. I will just make a phone call.

8. Make an effort / attempt (try)
Examples: In order to be successful, you must make an effort to work harder than before.
He made an attempt to climb Mount Everest but he failed. [Better: He attempted to climb Mount Everest but he failed.]

9. Make (a) noise (become noisy, create noise)
Examples: If you will just make noise, you had better leave. This is the library.
Who made the/a noise?

10. Make a suggestion (suggest)
Examples: I would like to make a suggestion. I think we should recycle old paper.
Don’t just complain, make some suggestions.

11. Make a decision (decide)
Examples: I can’t make a decision yet. I need more facts.
Have they made a decision whom to hire?

12. Make an excuse (create excuse, give excuse)
Examples: Stop making excuses and work.
Every day you make an excuse not to do your homework.

13. Make progress (progress, improve)
Examples: After 10 years, we still have not made progress.
The scientist made some progress in genetic research.

14. Make arrangements (handle or accomplish all the necessary requirements; for example, the venue, the food, the transportation, the decorations, the invitations, the program, etc.)

* My mother will go to China next month and her travel agency is making all the arrangements.
* I am busy. Can you make the arrangements for my party? I want you to find a good place for the party, hire a caterer and buy all the decorations.

1. Make + who + feelings (happy, glad, joyful, sad, depressed, angry, mad, furious, shy)
Example: The movie made me sad.

2. Make + who + actions (cry, smile, jump, scream)
When I saw the rat, it made me jump. You make me smile.

3. Make + who + want + infinitive (to + v)
After watching a movie about cooking, it made me want to become a chef.

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