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13 November 2011

How Popular Are You in Facebook?

A Facebook Popularity Percentage Computation
By Rob San Miguel

Here’s a formula that I have wildly concocted to mathematically find out how popular you are in Facebook.  This is a “public service” [quotation marks intended] to help us determine if our Facebook friends are really interested in what we say or we are just wasting Facebook space.  Like most scientists, I volunteered to be the first guinea pig. Having 60 friends and 1 comment in my recent post, I got a 1.7% popularity percentage point.  This means that I should shut up and post only very informative posts that will help humanity as a whole. [Insert laughter here] Of course, this is just a joke and this should not be taken seriously.

1. Count the number of your Facebook friends.

2. Make a post, [or choose one of your most recent posts] and count the number of comments [1 point for 1 person only:  if one person makes several comments on the same post, it is still considered one point. If one of your friends does not comment but he simply clicks “like,” that is also 1 point].

The number of comments and “likes” [for one post] should be divided with the total number of your Facebook friends.

Example [Based on the actual post from a friend who agreed to use him/her as my example]

“Nahilo ako sa amoy ng katabi sa bus, useless ang Lacoste cologne ko kung mabaho katabi ko.” (Got dizzy from the smell of the person next to me in the bus, my Lacoste cologne is useless if I’m next to someone who stinks.)

* 13 people commented + 47 likes [not counting those who already commented] = 60
* Number of Facebook friends = 1,108

* 60 divided by 1,200 = 0.054 x 100 % = 5.4%
This means that there is a great possibility that only 5.4% of his friends are interested in his post.  

ü 100% - all your friends are interested in what you said
ü 50% - half of your friends are interested in what you said
ü 30% or below, few people are interested in what you said and the rest just wants you to give them free Farmville gifts, etc.

Of course, not all your FB friends are online. To get a more accurate assessment, you need to make a list of your Facebook friends who are regularly active in Facebook, then use that as your gauge. “Active” means they are in Facebook at least once a week.  The best way to find out is to choose a day, and count all your friends who made a post on that day. 

For example: 1,108 Facebook friends but 85 are online this day.
So 60 [comments/like for one post] divided 85 active FB friends = 0.7058 x 100% = 70.58%

Yipee! 70.58 % of my active Facebook friends are interested. 

(First published in “The Chair” Blog)

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