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17 May 2012

"All Filipinos are Liars, Homophobes and Racists," said a Filipino (A Sardonic Take on Manny Pacquiao's Homophobia)

"Homophobia is more fun in the Philippines"
A Satirical Essay (..if you are offended)

It may seem that Filipino celebrities have become some of the world’s most vocal endorsers of homophobia. All right, perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration but there is some smudge of truth in it. Starting with former Miss Universe first runner-up Miriam Quiambao’s statement that even got the attention of the British press, now it is Manny Pacquiao’s turn to promote intolerance riding the moral high horse of Christian evangelism. 

For his Bible-inspired disapproval of Obama’s support on gay marriage, Manny Pacquiao is now banned in the Grove, a popular shopping center in Los Angeles frequented by celebrities.  Reports say that Pacquiao might lose more endorsements in the U.S. because of his stance on gay marriage. But who cares? Does our beloved “Pambansang Kamao” (National Fist) shop there with his millions of dollars tucked inside his red gloves?  I do not think so.  The Pacman is always welcome to shop in any SM malls since Henry Sy has successfully cut down centuries-old trees to make room for a parking lot.

We pious religious Filipinos should just celebrate because the Pacman is not only promoting Christian Fundamentalism but also Filipino brand of homophobia.  I think it is about time the rest of the world catches on.  Praise the Lord.

The United States media is quite a different ball game compared to that of the Philippines.  America is full of powerful celebrities who have the ovaries to criticize fellow celebrities’ adventures in intolerance.   There are also many companies that are for equal rights and willing to disassociate themselves with bigoted celebrities.  

But this is not true in the Philippines because just like what the Department of Tourism said, “It is more fun in the Philippines, and obviously that includes homophobia and bigotry.” 

In the Philippines, a celebrity can get away with homophobic statements because the general public is generally homophobic (alliteration intended.)  Just attach a few Bible verses with your statement and anything you say will be incontestable. Even if a small group of freethinkers severely criticize you, do not fret. You still have the Church and countless devout Catholics on your side.

Most of us do not want to admit it but it is true.  “All Filipinos are liars, homophobes and racists, and this is my very own Epimenides paradox.”   (Look it up before making violent reactions) We think being heterosexual, Christian and fair-skinned as superior qualities. We just disguise our homophobia and racism with politeness and jokes.  Just watch an episode of “Bubble Gang” and you will see what I mean.

 A few months back, one of my acquaintances said that she saw two twenty something men holding hands in public and secretly told us that she found them “kadiri” (nasty, filthy.) She completely forgot that her gay friend who has helped her through many adversities was just less than three feet away.  Once she realized this, she quickly said, “oh not you, only them.”  Apparently all these years, she thinks her gay friend is a virgin nun. 

I know one mother who told his son not to consume so much sweet because she read an article that children who consume so much sugar may become queer.  It made me wonder what would happen if parents feed their male children so much salt.  What gender would it produce?

On a latter note, Pacquaio sort of recanted by saying that he does not hate gay people because he has a gay relative.  Somehow, many gay people may not find that comforting because last January, a Filipino father scalded his teen son with boiling water when the father found out his son was gay.  But is that just good ole fashioned Filipino family value? Anyway, as Filipinos, we must support Manny Pacquiao in his bout against another dark-skinned American; of course it is not Mayweather but President Obama. 

Manny! Manny! Manny! Panalo ka! (You’re the winner!)

A Christian friend of mine commented that the likes of Miriam Quiambao and Manny Pacquiao give Filipino Christians a bad name.  She said that Jesus would never utter such statements.  In fact, nowhere in the Bible did Jesus ever speak against homosexuality (of course, this is also debatable).   Regarding the Old Testament, it is clear as a bell.  Homosexuality is an abomination but the Old Testament also says "Look, I have two daughters who have never slept with a man. Let me bring them out to you, and you can do what you like with them. But don't do anything to these men, for they have come under the protection of my roof." (Genesis 19:8) 


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