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05 December 2012

Our Morality with Juan Tamma (Video Text)

OUR MORALITY (A Satirical Video, first aired in "The Chair Blog" on Dec. 5, 2012)
Written and directed by Rob San Miguel

ANNOUNCER: Chair News presents "Our Morality with Juan Tamma."

Good day faithful Filipinos.   Welcome to our show, Our Morality, and not theirs. I'm your host Juan Tamma.

The R.H. bill debate is one of the biggest issues today.  Some people are against the bill, others are in favor. We believe that the R.H. bill is dangerous.  It can be used for the twisted agenda of the liberal and non-religious people. The bill claims that it will help control population. What R.H. bill advocates do not tell you is that a big population is good for the Philippines. More people mean we will have more workers in the future. Most importantly, the more new babies are born, the more new Catholics we will have, and the catholic faith will remain powerful in this country. As all of you know, the Philippine Catholic church is the only true guardians of morality in this country. Big population means many will have a big family; more underpaid parents will have a hard time supporting their children. Then, more people will become poor, or, they will remain poor, and so they will always pray to god, and I think god smiles on poverty. We remember god when we are poor. 

The government should also not spend people's taxes to buy condoms, and other contraceptives. It is better to use the people's money, to sponsor the overseas trips of our government officials, beautiful bouquets of flowers to decorate congress, and freshly brewed coffee for our legislators so they can wake up, and write important bills, like splitting a province in two. Making condoms and other contraceptives available to everyone will only, and I repeat, only promote promiscuity. If condoms are easily available, all our teenagers will suddenly have sex. You may not also know this, but condoms are only 98 percent effective in preventing HIV transmission. If condoms cannot guarantee 100 percent, why bother. Abstinence is more effective.  It is always easier to abstain from sex. Sex is not fun. Sex is for procreation only. R.H. bill supporters also say that condom can help decrease the number of cases of HIV transmission.  This is not true. The reason HIV transmission in the country is increasing is because there are now many gays in the country.  The more homosexuals we allow, the higher the cases of HIV transmission. You see the virus seeks out homosexuals. It is attracted to a person's gayness. If a person is gay, it is only a matter of time before he acquires HIV and then AIDS. Unless you are a lesbian, then the virus runs to the opposite direction. Lesbian love, or love with no man, is so repulsive that the virus does not even come near.

Philippines! Wake up, and defend our morality, and not theirs! Thank you for watching. This is Juan Tamma. See you next time. Goodbye my friends.

ANNOUNCER:  This has been another public affairs program of C.I.N.

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