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02 February 2013

Film Review (Warm Bodies): "It is not Twilight, and Thank Goodness!"

Based on Isaac Marion's novel
with the same title
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After we survived a misfit teenage girl falling for a mysterious vampire, “Warm Bodies” offers us another romantic story between a human and an undead. The difference between “Twilight” and “Warm Bodies” is that the latter has a point albeit a cliché than a new epiphany. Nevertheless, the beauty of “Warm Bodies” is that nobody in the production took the film seriously.  Director Jonathan Levine allowed the actors to play their parts without trying to be funny.  The actors let the situation and accidental humor do the work, and so there lies true good comedy.  You can even say that “Warm Bodies” is a well-made intelligent parody of “Twilight.”  Australian actress Teresa Palmer, who plays Julie Grigio, looked like a blonde Bella/Kristen Stewart.  Palmer even got Bella down to her way of running.  English actor Nicholas Hoult, who plays the zombie R, is the closest thing the creators could find to match Robert Pattison without looking like a complete carbon copy. This movie even has a meadow dream scene, which is a constant fixture in the Twilight saga. 

Fortunately, the acting in “Warm Bodies” is far better than that in “Twilight,” thus making “Warm Bodies” more entertaining and less insulting despite its minor story flaws.  Julie Grigio is also a far more dynamic female protagonist. She is never passive. She takes actions. She kills zombies. She is part of a salvaging team. Except when she becomes a captive, we always see her moving and looking for a solution.  She still likes to have a boyfriend like Bella but Julie knows too that she has other important tasks to do like help humanity.  Kudos to Nicholas Hoult for playing a loveable zombie, which is hard to do.  It is not easy to like someone if you know he eats raw brain, unless he is a university professor, then I guess it is all right.

Nicholas Hoult: From a boy (About a Boy), to a mutant (X-Men: First Class) 
and now to a zombie. Soon to be a giant slayer in Brian Singer's "Jack the Giant Slayer."
If “Twilight” is a teen flick for the Kim Kardashians of the future, “Warm Bodies” is a teen flick for the next Hillary Clintons.  

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