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05 May 2013

Tarot: Do You Know Your "Trinity Cards?"

The Enneagram. Image released
by creator as public domain
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Here is a quick way to know your Tarot "Trinity Cards."  Use your birth date. Add the month, the day and the year. The result should be single digit from 1 to 9 only. Coincidentally, there are nine interconnected types of personalty based on the Enneagram model.  

For example, your birthday is May 5, 1995. May is the fifth month so 5 + 5 + 1995 = 2005. Disregard the zeros and you are left with 2 and 5.  Add them and you get 7. Then, answer the questions below. Warning: Answer honestly, do not be hasty.

You are about to take a journey alone to an unknown land and you cannot return home, which of the following will you take? Choose only one.

A. A mechanical or electronic device
B. Food and water, or any form of nourishment
C. Money , gold or anything that you use to purchase something
D. Any form of self-defense weapon or just a simple knife

For example, you chose B, then below are your very own "Trinity Cards"

The Chariot image taken from Wikipedia.
The Tower image taken from this site.  Seven of cups image taken from this site

The chariot often represents control over opposing forces or views and victory can be achieved if one can rally both opposing forces to work together.  The chariot also means that you can overcome many obstacles through determination and clear presence of mind.  The Tower represents possible failure or realization that your ideas may not conform to your current reality and you must be alert to know if your way of thinking is no longer applicable before failure finally ensues.  Luckily, even with failure, you can rise.  If you chose B (food and water, or any form of nourishment),  that means “the seven of cups” and that represents confusion and wishful thinking, which you often tend to experience and you must consciously and intelligently decipher the real from the unreal to become happy and successful (however you define what successful is).

Try this for yourself, and you can go to Wikipedia for the meaning of each of your cards.  If you need help, write your birth day on the comment box below. 

One of my quirky habits is Tarot reading and this seems contradictory for a person who claims to rely more on science than mysticism but let us not get into that now.  I did not really plan to read Tarot cards but it just happened. One day, I was just doing my usual visit to a bookstore. Suddenly, there it was— a shelf full of Tarot cards and each deck was quite expensive I dare say.  Somehow, I felt like I had to buy a deck. I never really entertained the thought of being a warlock in the past, but like what most Tarot readers will tell you, you do not choose, you are chosen. The cards will call you.  For me that always sounded arrogant and creepy. Tarot reading may just be another skill and if you do enough research, you may get the hang of it.  Tarot knowledge is equally valid as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and Neils Bohr's Spooky Action.  Who is to say that one form of knowledge is superior to the other if the function of the knowledge is accomplished. I thought delving into mysticism and science is just a post-modern exercise. Maybe this also explains why my favorite deck of tarot cards is the Leonardo Da Vinci cards, which use the paintings and sketches of Da Vinci.  But I digress.

Thus, I started playing with my new deck. The deck came with a small nondescript booklet containing information on how to interpret the cards, but the information was very generic and not substantive. I decided to study each card on my own and just for fun, I practiced on one friend. Surprisingly, she said that I was dead accurate.  So I practiced some more, and most people said some of my interpretations came true. At first, I refer to the small booklet to know the meaning of each card, and I follow the traditional arrangement on how to put the cards on the table. However, as time went on, I totally disregarded the booklet and other books that I eventually purchased and followed my own card arrangements. At times, all I needed was just one card, and that was enough to get an answer.  I do not do Tarot reading often, only if an acquaintance request and I have never asked for payment. I do not why but a friend who believe in Tarot said that I would be betraying the gift if I charge people. Anyway, I have not been compelled to ask for payment. My services will always be free.

The most interesting thing about Tarot reading is not the cards themselves and what they reveal, but the questions of those seeking answers from the cards.  I have always felt that the questions come before the person.  The question has already been asked even before the person sits with me.  It is a feeling.  I just needed to hear it out loud.  

I often say to people, just ask yes or no questions, and avoid WH questions. Do not ask “who will be the love of my life?” I cannot even answer that for myself, still, if you insist in asking anything, go ahead, sometimes the cards response. Perhaps the reason that I am not too stressed about Tarot cards is I go into it with a ironic sense of humor.  Frankly, I read the cards like a blind man.  I have no clue what is coming out of my mouth. It is like admitting you are a fake but still people keep coming.  

Who would have also thought that a former devout Catholic who became an atheist and now a Buddhist and who gets excited at the discovery of the Higg’s boson will become a witch in the Age of Social Networking? It may just be part of the infinite jest of the universe.

Some people say that Tarot reading is the devil's work. From my research, the concept of the devil is a human invention. All of us  is "the devil" if we just admit it so we can fix it.

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