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26 April 2014

"From Dolphy's Omeng to Pol Medina Jr's Lucy Ferry, Anything Effeminate is Evil" (Editorial)

Resembling the late Dolphy,
Lucifer is now called
"Lucy Ferry."
It is not uncommon (double negative intended) to use gays or anything effeminate to represent evil.   In fact, in the tradition of Philippine comedy, this approach is almost a staple. Just watch episodes after episodes of Filipino gag shows on television. There is always a scheming unattractive gay or effeminate individual.  This is not new. In “Omeng Satanasia” (1977), Dolphy played both the devil and the angel. The devil looked like a cross-dressing effeminate man, while the angel is straight-looking without a hint of gender ambivalence. Recently, Pol Medina Jr., a cartoonist that I used to respect, represented “Lucifer” as a effeminate man wearing a two-piece swim suit, possessing two large horns, speaking using gay lingo and he prefers to be called “Lucy Ferry.”

Images used as part of commentary only. For the
full comic strip, please visit this site: PUGAD BABOY
Some cultural critics have claimed that such negative treatment of anything feminine is an indication of our society’s unspoken and disguised misogyny. The fact that it took many years before the RH law was passed may also be another proof, but that is another story.

Gays, particularly effeminate ones, are always treated as conniving, abusive, and deceitful individuals who cannot be trusted. Even if such negative representations are done for the sake of comedy, gay or effeminate images do not even fall under ironic humor or even a form of deconstruction.  Real comic geniuses can take a stereotype and milk it to the core, but his treatment, his script, and his overall execution of the joke will actually liberate the stereotype and expose the prejudice underneath.  Unfortunately, for some comedians, they take the lazy solutions and just blindly follow what is traditionally funny without realizing the antiquated hateful belief system that they are propagating.   

FOREIGN RELATIONS? The Powerpuff Girls' most evil enemy. Thriving on negative energy, he is simply called "Him."  Speaking with a falsetto voice, and sometimes with a deep low voice, "him" dresses in women's clothing. 
But then again, straight Catholic men rule this country so their belief system and their humor will always rule and the rest of us can just critique and be ignored.  In a perfect world, if God were a woman, she would have committed suicide by now. (Reference to the “The Virgin Suicides” wink)


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