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27 October 2013

Dinning at the Top: Our Sky High Bar Experience

A good deal is a good deal.  If you want dishes that fill you up but without spending more than 250 pesos, then Metro Deal’s Sky High Bar vouchers are for you. One voucher only costs 999 pesos and it is good for four people. The four of you can choose from the two set menus that include an appetizer, a salad, three main entrées and drinks.  The best of all, you can dine (not exactly sky high but) high enough to get a nice bird’s eye view of the city.  Weekdays are the best days to visit because the place is not crowded but Friday night will also do as long as you come around 8 P.M. Evening is the best time because you get to see the bright city lights. We have not been to Sky High Bar in the morning but considering the state of air pollution in the city, daytime may not offer the best view.

Come early and try to get a table on the penthouse and not on the covered area on the lower floor, especially on a clear night. Although you can inform Sky High Bar that you want to be seated on the penthouse area during reservation, once you get there, the personnel do not always follow the reservation seating especially if the place is crowded so you have to tell them where you really want to sit.  In this case, the charming
friendly ones will get the best table. The airy ones with rich mentality attitude may just irritate in my opinion. I found the waiters quite down-to-earth, nice and accommodating. When we inquire about the place, some of them even informed us that they are just building up the bar so not everything is in its Downton Abbey set up yet.  

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The food is worth the price so for a mere 250 per person, you should deactivate your “sophisticated French palate” and go with your stomach. Believe me; your stomach will be satisfied.  The dishes were filling and surprisingly nice.

We ordered Set Menu B. The salad was good. The seafood vegetable fritters, which is actually “okoy” in haute couture, fills you up quickly so if you want to savor the main entrées, one or two piece of the “okoy” will suffice.  Anyway, you can always treat the remaining fritters as finger food after dinner. The carbonara had something a little extra, which one of my friends could not exactly pinpoint what specific ingredient made the difference.  I thought it might have been the herbs.  The honey glazed chicken was one level lower than Chooks-To-Go. For me, the braised BBQ beef ribs with roasted garlic mashed potatoes were the best of the set. The beef was so tender that you can easily cut it with a knife. The ice tea and lemonade were middling but it sufficed.

Unfortunately, the set menus do not include desserts so if you want something sweet, that will cost you extra.  If you have enough cash, a cocktail will do. One cocktail cost 150 pesos up.  I suggest that you order a bottle of red or white wine to complete the “sosy” experience. You are on the top tonight darling, ice tea just does not cut it. Drink the iced tea and lemonade down below.   One bottle of wine cost 800 and if there are eight of you, that is 100 pesos per person. Just do not order the vintage wines; that will cost you 2000 bucks! Ask the waiter to put the bottle of wine in a wine cooler to complete the package.

The photographer / blogger
You do not have to drink the whole glass of wine in one gulp; that is so lower middle class. Wink!  Just sip it, get your camera, strike a post with the majestic metropolis in the background, and oula! Facebook and Instagram extravaganza!

Better yet, tweet the experience saying, “on the penthouse sipping Chilean wine, so bored with my life. Money is not everything. I want romance.”

Go ahead, make your own movie.

Sky High Bar is a good place to dine with your family or friends. It is also a good place for double dates; the extra drama is optional though so it is up to you if you want a “No Other Woman” scene.

If you do not live in Pasig City, getting to Ace Hotel may be tricky.  If one of you has a car, that would be convenient, if not, getting a taxi after dinner may be difficult. Plan, plan, plan, that is my best tip.

P.S. This is not a paid article.  For details, click the link below

The epicureans on a budget.
At the covered lower area, above the penthouse
A view from the top
Our very accommodating waiter
Jaypee: Feeling Bruce Wayne looking at his Gotham City
Bianca on the penthouse
the chef's salad
Seafood vegetable fritters or okoy
BBQ beef ribs with roasted garlic mashed potatoes
Honey glazed chicken 
Our Chilean chardonnay

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