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24 December 2016

Merry Saturnalia or Jesus Put On Some Weight After He Came Down from the Cross (A Satirical Essay)

Santa Claus as illustrated in 
Puck (magazine)
Image part of public domain
Warning: This article contains some adult language that is not suitable for children

What is Christmas? For me, Christmas is a curious season for irony and paradoxes. In fact, like many people, I have noticed that Christmas has less to do with the humble man who was supposedly born on December 25. Instead, another man dominates the scenes. Santa Claus in his iconic red suit is the real king. He is the real Christmas symbolic deity that drives us to spend, and we comply blindly. If we do not, we feel guilty. “Oh dear, I have nothing to give this Christmas,” we secretly tell ourselves. Jesus of Nazarene is just the afterthought, maybe, after we feel guilty spending more than we should and consuming more than we need. So we say, “Praise the Lord” or “Peace on Earth.” These simple cliché phrases are enough to justify our over-consumption. Perhaps, it is only fitting that Santa, and all that he represents, overshadows the son of a carpenter because, after all, a beverage company originally designed and peddled this jolly overweight white man to the public.  Business comes first, above all else. Everywhere you go, we are encouraged to buy.  

11 July 2016

"Little Place, Big Taste" (Vidasto Pizzeria on Zabarte Drive)

Supreme Pizza
One of the perks of having friends who are gastronomic geniuses is that I have the privilege of gorging myself with delectable dishes that are not available even in high-end restaurants. I get to eat original dishes or modified fusion dishes without paying. Sometimes, I just bring the drinks or the usual uninspiring “lechon manok.” I am blessed that I have a brother and friends who are great cooks and one of them has started his own small food business. Now, the public will get to taste sumptuous yet affordable dishes that I often get during our parties and trips.

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